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As the foremost experts on bankruptcy automotive solutions, we know that declaring bankruptcy is a big step forward in getting your finances under control and managing your debt, so don’t feel bad…it’s time to celebrate! Your future is bright!

You should reward yourself, and a new you deserves a new car to reflect your newfound freedom and responsibility.

Buying a car can be a hassle, no doubt, but since we’re doing all the work for you, all you need to worry about is what kind of car you want.

So as you begin your car-shopping experience, let us help you get the vehicle that best suits your life and style (that’s why they call it “lifestyle,” after all).

  1. Where do you live?

This is easily one of the most overlooked or ignored considerations when car shopping, but it affects everything about your decision. What’s the weather like? What’s the terrain? Does your area use salt or sand in the winter? This past winter saw some of the worst snowstorms the US has ever experienced, which undoubtedly helped sales of trucks and SUVs reach new heights.

Make sure you get a vehicle that gets you wherever you need to go all year-round.

  1. What are your hobbies?

If you’re into home improvements, a 2-door coupe is not going to help you on your trips to the hardware store for supplies. If you love hitting the open road or cruising down the coast, a monster truck built for hauling is going to cost you a fortune in fuel. Kids? Pets?

Make sure you test drive vehicles that fit your whole life, not just the test drive.

  1. How does it feel?

It should go without saying, but every car is different – even within the same brand. The coupe will feel 100% different than the sedan, which will feel 100% different from the station wagon. Even if everything else about the car is perfect, if it doesn’t feel good to sit in and drive, it’s the wrong vehicle for you.

Americans spend 290 hours a year in their vehicles – you owe it to yourself to make sure they’re spent comfortably.

  1. How does it look?

There’s a saying among car salesmen; “Looks don’t affect the way it drives.”  They use it to try and push people into cars they may not want because they don’t like the way it looks. Another variation is “The paint doesn’t affect the ride,” which is what they pull out when a shopper says they like a car, but hate the color.

Don’t listen to them. If any car salesman ever says this to you, respond with “Yes, it does, because I’m not going to drive a car that looks like this,” and leave.

Americans love their cars; they’re a representative of who we are and what we do, so make sure your car is an extension of yourself. Just like your clothing, you wrap yourself in your car every day – do it in a way that looks good.  

We can’t pick your car for you, but if you remember to ask and answer these questions honestly while selecting your new (or new to you) vehicle, you’re sure to get something that you’ll enjoy owning and driving for the life of the vehicle.  

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