About Our Standard Warranty

All vehicles come with a standard, limited warranty


ENGINE: Block, cylinder head, engine and all internal parts, flywheel (only cars with automatic transmission), fuel pump, manifolds, radiator, rotary engine housing, water pump

TRANSMISSION: The transmission case and all internal parts including the torque converter.

DRIVE AXLE: Axle shaft, front and/or rear drive axle housing including all internal parts, propeller shaft, universal joints.

Engine: 30 days or 1,000 miles. Whichever comes first.
(limited warranty)

Transmission: 30 days or 1,000 miles. Whichever comes first.
(limited warranty)

Drive Axle: 30 days or 1,000 miles. Whichever comes first.
(limited warranty)

Ready to drive?

Even though all our vehicles are safety and road tested before delivery, we still offer a standard, limited warranty on all our vehicles. NABS will pay 50% of labor and 50% of parts for the covered systems listed below, at approved vendors.

Frame & Body
Frame-cracks, corrective welds, or rusted through
Dog tracks—bent or twisted frame
Oil leakage, excluding normal seepage
Cracked block or head
Belts missing or inoperable
Knocks or misses related to camshaft lifters and push rods
Abnormal exhaust discharge
Transmission & Drive Shaft
Improper fluid level or leakage, excluding normal seepage
Cracked or damaged case which is visible
Abnormal noise or vibration caused by faulty transmission or drive
Improper shifting or functioning in any gear
Manual clutch slips or chatters
Improper fluid level or leakage excluding normal seepage
Cracked of damaged housing which is visible
Abnormal noise or vibration caused by faulty differential
Cooling System
Leakage including radiator
Improperly functioning water pump
Electrical System
Battery leakage
Improperly functioning alternator, generator, battery, or starter
Fuel System
Visible leakage
Inoperable Accessories
Gauges or warning devices
Air conditioner
Heater & Defroster

Brake System
Failure warning light broken
Pedal not firm under pressure (DOT spec.)
Not enough pedal reserve (DOT spec.)
Does not stop vehicle in straight line (DOT spec.)
Hoses damaged
Drum or rotor too thin (Mfgr. Specs)
Lining or pad thickness less than 1/32 inch
Power unit not operating or leaking
Structural or mechanical parts damaged
Steering System
Too much free play at steering wheel (DOT specs.)
Free play in linkage more than 1/4 inch
Steering gear binds or jams
Front wheels aligned improperly (DOT specs.)
Power unit belts cracked or slipping
Power unit fluid level improper
Suspension System
Ball joint seals damaged
Structural parts bent or damaged
Stabilizer bar disconnected
Spring broken
Shock absorber mounting loose
Rubber bushings damaged or missing
Radius rod damaged or missing
Shock absorber leaking or functioning improperly
Tread depth less than 2/32 inch
Sizes mismatched
Visible damage
Visible cracks, damage or repairs
Mounting bolts loose or missing
Exhaust System

IMPORTANT: The information on this form is part of any contract to buy a vehicle from National Automotive Brokerage Services.
Removal of this label before consumer purchase (except for purpose of test-driving) is a violation
of federal law (16 C.F.R. 455).

To utilize warranty, all service must be performed by certified mechanics, and be pre-approved prior to work. Be sure to ask us for a copy of the warranty document for a full explanation of warranty coverage, exclusions, and the dealer’s repair obligations. Under state law, “implied warranties” may give you even more rights.