How much time will it take to get a car loan approved?

car loan approved

Approving a vehicle loan is a crucial stage in the automobile-buying process. The vehicle loan approval procedure might take up to four days. Your credit history, income, identification verification, and promptness in presenting loan papers may impact this.

If you are exploring a new car, you undoubtedly want to get one as soon as possible. You can’t stay to have your new wheels in your hands. While some vehicle lenders promise to guarantee ‘instant approval’, the time it takes for a loan to be approved is always dependent on how quickly the applicant submits supporting paperwork.

Several things determine the time it takes. These factors include the sort of lender you choose, your circumstances, and the automobile you want to purchase. Approval for a vehicle loan might take as little as a few seconds or days.

The credit approval procedure is as follows:

The same information is necessary for credit approval, whether you go via a bank or a dealership.

You’ll need the following to get an auto loan approval:

  • Proof of three months’ worth of work or a job letter promising employment.
  • Warranty of income to cover your loan payments and other obligations.
  • Identification and evidence of residency are required.
  • If you wish to include your current vehicle in the offer, fill in the trade-in vehicle details.
  • You may also need evidence of insurance in certain circumstances.

Another important consideration is your credit history. Simply grant your permission, and the lender will use that information to establish your vehicle loan eligibility from one of the leading credit agencies. While the information needed by a bank and a dealership is the same, the methods are different.

If you apply for a loan through a vehicle dealership, the time it takes for you to get a response might vary. It might take a few hours to a few days to have a loan authorized. It will be determined by criteria such as your credit score, the paperwork you present, and the type of car you need to purchase.

How long does it take to receive a vehicle loan pre-approval?

Pre-approval for a car loan usually takes the same time as approval – a few seconds in some scenarios, a few days in others. Pre-approval for a car loan allows you to lock in rates with a lender before completing any papers, giving you more time to shop around. It will enable you to negotiate a lower price and establish how much money you’ll need to borrow.

Pre-approval usually entails a rigorous credit check, temporarily reducing your credit score. You will also require to supply documentation proving your income, residence, and other application components.

How long would my lender take to complete your loan?

Banks and credit unions typically take longer than internet lenders, whereas dealerships are usually speedier. The procedure may take longer if you have to give more documentation than usual to prove your identity or income.

Dealership financing may be completed in as little as one day, but there’s a catch: the loan you leave with may not be wholly authorized. Spot financing, also known as spot delivery, permits you to drive off the lot before the funding is finalized.

Dealer financing has many advantages:

When compared to bank loans, dealer financing is a more convenient option since you can complete your automobile buying and payment/finance in one location. In many circumstances, you may be in the driver’s seat of your new automobile in as short as 48 hours.

The benefits of applying for a loan via a dealership are many. Dealers are often speedier than banks and handle all transactions. Dealers can get cheap interest rates for your loan. They may negotiate with you based on a slightly higher rate. You may have to pay the price for these services.

When applying at a bank will take longer and require you to perform most of the work, going to the dealer while pre-approved may allow you to negotiate a lower rate.


The time it takes to get a car loan depends on your financial situation, credit history, the sort of automobile you want to purchase, and the lender you’re applying with. Approval takes as short as one hour in certain situations. Sometimes, you may have to wait a few days for the green light.

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