Empowering Your Journey: National Automotive Brokerage Solutions (NABS) and Bankruptcy Financing

Empowering Your Journey: National Automotive Brokerage Solutions (NABS) and Bankruptcy Financing

By Breck Hapner


Navigating through the aftermath of a bankruptcy can often feel like trying to find your way in the dark, especially when you need reliable transportation. National Automotive Brokerage Solutions (NABS) illuminates this path, offering a clear route to car ownership for those who have faced financial setbacks. 

Here’s how NABS stands out as the premier choice for individuals in bankruptcy seeking vehicle financing:

A Tailored Financing Approach

Understanding Your Needs

At NABS, the belief is that your past financial challenges shouldn’t dictate your future opportunities. With a loan approval rate of 95%, NABS specializes in financing solutions that cater to almost any budget and financial situation, even in the wake of bankruptcy. Their philosophy is simple: finance your future, not your past.

The Convenience of Online Processing

From application to delivery, NABS streamlines the car buying process. Applicants can apply online, discuss their needs over the phone with a coordinator, sign documents electronically, and welcome their new vehicle at their doorstep within days. This process is designed to be respectful, easy, and, above all, convenient for the buyer.

Exclusive Access to a National Vehicle Inventory

Beyond the Lot

Unlike traditional car dealerships that limit your choices to their current inventory, NABS taps into an online vehicle exchange used by dealerships nationwide but not accessible to the general public. This gives you access to a vast selection of late-model, low-mileage vehicles, ensuring you don’t have to compromise on your preferences.

Tailored Vehicle Selection

Once assigned a purchasing coordinator, you’ll receive vehicle options tailored to your pre-qualification criteria. This personalized approach ensures you find the perfect car, truck, van, or SUV to fit your budget and lifestyle, even if your credit history includes bankruptcy, repos, or no credit at all.

Competitive Pricing and Traditional Bank Financing

Fair Pricing

NABS offers fair pricing and traditional bank financing, distinguishing itself from expensive Buy Here Pay Here shops. With real lenders ready to approve your application, NABS provides a viable pathway to not only get back on your feet but also to begin rebuilding your credit today.

Free Home Delivery

In today’s world, where social distancing remains a concern for many, NABS prioritizes your safety and convenience. Every vehicle purchase comes with the option of free home delivery, allowing you to complete the entire car-buying process without ever needing to leave your home or office.

Transforming the Car Buying Experience

Online Car Buying Made Simple

Since 2012, NABS has been revolutionizing the car buying experience for individuals who have filed for bankruptcy. By moving the process online, they’ve made it incredibly simple for customers across the country to secure late-model, low-mileage vehicles without the stress and hassle traditionally associated with car dealerships.

A Commitment to Dignity and Reliability

Understanding the added stress that bankruptcy and credit challenges bring into your life, NABS is dedicated to helping you regain your footing in a dignified manner. Their goal is to ensure you have a reliable vehicle that meets your needs and wants, supporting you as you restart your life.

A New Beginning with NABS

For those wondering about car dealerships that work with people in bankruptcy, National Automotive Brokerage Solutions stands as the best solution. With their tailored financing options, vast vehicle selection, competitive pricing, and the unparalleled convenience of online processing and home delivery, NABS makes car ownership accessible and stress-free. Whether you’re on the first day of filing for bankruptcy or navigating the road to financial recovery, NABS is here to support you every step of the way, proving that a fresh start is not only possible but within reach.

Need financing and a new car in bankruptcy? Contact the professionals at NABS today.

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