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A: No, we are not a redemption service. We’re something completely different, and much better.

Whereas redemption services require you to keep your existing vehicle, which you may owe more than is worth, or may be aging and problematic, we offer new, fresh-start auto solution. In other words, we help our clients get into new vehicles with new loans, even from the first date of filing.

A: To begin the financing process you’ll need to fill out our simple online approval form here, and one of our reps will get back to you within 1 business day, but it’s usually much sooner than that.
A:YES! NABS works with very specialized lenders. We have a very high success rate with getting auto loans.
A:Sometimes we can work with $0 down. If you’d like to see what you qualify for apply here.
A:Every deal is different, but the general rule of thumb is to budget around $25 for every $1000 financed.
A:You are eligible to purchase as soon as their Chapter 7 has a case number, or your Chapter 13 plan has been confirmed. Discharge is never required!
A:Chapter 7 customers do not need the trustee involved. For Chapter 13 customers, National Automotive Brokerage Services are experts at local trustee guidelines and can streamline the process while being your point of contact through it all.
A:Reaffirmation agreements are easily rescinded. We can make the process simple.
A:Installment credit is a driving factor in FICO (scores. A fresh, well paid car loan will significantly benefit your credit score.

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